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Professional Tree Removal

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High Quality Tree Trimming

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Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Our Region 2000 team will assess your tree(s) and determine if removal is required. Contact us for a hassle-free, no-obligation, complimentary quote on your potential tree removal.

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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Our skilled team of arborists can help keep your trees healthy and professionally groomed with our expert tree trimming services. Call Above Ground Tree Service today for your free Tree Pruning quote in Lynchburg.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Damage Cleanup

Did a recent storm leave you with a mess to deal with at your home or property? Our Lynchburg team can help you clean up & haul away storm damage & debris.

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Chemical Application and Pest Control

Chemical Application

Think you have a potential bug or pest problem with a tree (or trees) on your property? Give our chemical application & pest control team a call for a free assessment.

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Why Above Ground?

With over a decade of Lynchburg tree service experience, our dedicated team offers assistance, maintenance, and emergency services to the entire Region 2000 area.

We also serve Bedford, Timberlake & Forest, VA.

Above Ground Tree Service does whatever we can to protect the integrity of your trees and your yard, including:

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At Above Ground, we believe the beauty of trees should be cherished and respected. However, sometimes it is necessary for a professional arborist team to remove a tree (or trees). Our team will first assess your trees to make sure we can’t save it from removal.

Removal will usually come as a result of dying trees, hazardous conditions and/or the need for more space.

First. we will review your yard to find the safest and most effective way to bring down the tree. Tree removal can be dangerous, but our professionals work diligently to ensure nothing and no one will be harmed.

Then, we will begin bringing down the tree, focusing on safety, efficiency, and the integrity of your garden and yard. This process can take some time, but the process is expedited with our professional equipment.

After the tree is removed, the job-site is thoroughly cleaned – it will be like we’ve never even been there. We protect the your property with tarps to ensure maximum cleanup. Anything that gets through, we rake up and take with us.

Our licensed arborists work diligently to ensure every tree removal we perform in Lynchburg is done according to the book. Call us today at (434) 221-9525 for your free estimate.

Tree Removal in Lynchburg
Tree Removal in Lynchburg

Proper trimming and pruning helps to keep your trees safe and healthy. That’s why at Above Ground Tree Service, we take all of necessary steps to not only give you great aesthetic value, but also to keep your trees thriving.

Often times, people will call us out after they have already tried to prune their trees by themselves and there is severe damage. Generally speaking, extensive pruning is best left to the professionals.

Our experienced team has the distinctive skills to ensure all of your trees are trimmed properly. In other words, we take everything from timing to safety seriously.

First, we will inspect your trees to determine a game-plan. This includes looking at the shape of the tree and figuring out which way the branches will grow when cut.

From there, we can determine where to cut, when to cut, and even how to cut. For the Lynchburg area, timing is one of the most important things about trimming – and you have to be trained to read the signs.

Get in touch with us today at (434) 221-9525 for a free estimate and see why the Above Ground Tree Service team makes a difference.

Any Lynchburg tree service worth its salt knows the area can experience some pretty severe weather conditions. Unfortunately, trees often get the brunt of the damage these storms deal out.

At its best, cleaning up storm damage can be a lot of work. At its worst, it can be potentially dangerous.

First, our team will inspect your yard to ensure there aren’t any unsafe conditions that need to be taken care of before we can get to work.

Then, our team works diligently to repair any damage that has been done during the storm – from cabling trees, to preservation, to the removal of an upturned trees.

Proper maintenance of your trees after a storm can save you from some pretty big bills later on – so don’t delay.

Give us a call at (434) 221-9525 and tell us about the damage on your property. We’ll head your way ASAP with a free estimate.

Tree Removal in Lynchburg
Tree Removal in Lynchburg

Pests are a big problem in Lynchburg and the surrounding areas due to the unique climate we experience.

Infestations run the risk of not only destroying and killing your trees, but can also affect your yard, home, and family.

We work to create a plan of action to treat your problem. This plan will be unique to the type of problem, species of tree, and even your budget. We follow up on your treatment to ensure that the pests really are gone for good.

At Above Ground Tree Service, we keep the environment in mind by using the least toxic methods  to keep your trees disease and insect free. The earlier you start, the better. Give us a call to start the process.

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About Us

Arborist in Lynchburg

A Lynchburg tree service company, Above Ground proudly and efficiently works with our neighbors in the area by providing a complete array of tree care and maintenance options.

Our philosophy: consultation and collaboration is key.

We are licensed and insured in Virginia, and as long-term residents, are extremely knowledgeable about the climate, environment, pests, and tree species common in the area. We serve Lynchburg, VA and the surrounding Region 2000 area, including Bedford, Timberlake, and Forest, Virginia.

Customer satisfaction is important to us, which is why we take the time to talk to you first about your needs & wishes. We want to ensure everything is done to the highest quality possible – including tree removal, trimming, and other related services.

ISA Certified Arborist

Tree Health Care

The owner of Above Ground Tree Service, Jonathan Sledge, has been an ISA certified arborist for a decade and holds a degree in Horticulture & Business from Mississippi State. He is ISA TRAQ certified, and holds a Pesticide Applicator’s License.

There are many different things that can impact the health of a tree in Lynchburg, VA. From storms and pests, to soil degradation and shading, the health of trees really depends on many elements.

The certified arborists at Above Ground Tree Service not only identify the problem you are facing, but we also provide you with professional and individualized solutions for the problem.

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree issues (or, potential issues) can be extremely difficult to read, understand & predict.

We carefully evaluate your trees inch by inch to determine their health and safety. Things we consider: breaks, falls, diseases, and even pest infestations are easy to predict when you know the signs.

When we know something is coming, we can prepare to fight it – or prevent it from happening altogether. In some cases, we don’t find anything, which further gives you peace of mind.

Raising Awareness or Certified Arborists

Your free assessment starts with a simple phone call, so contact us today at (434) 221-9525.