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Above Ground Tree Service offers tree trimming services in Lynchburg, VA and beyond. Pruning and trimming your trees is a great way to keep them healthy and safe for a long time.

Tree trimming is really an art of sorts that requires the best and most qualified arborists in order to get the most out of each session. From simply shaping your trees to diagnosing certain limbs and removing them, you need someone who has all of the tools to complete the job successfully.

Reasons for Trimming and Pruning Your Trees

tree trimming in lynchburg va

A visit from Above Ground Tree Service is a lot like going to the hairdresser or the spa for your trees. Not only does it make them look better from the outside, it can make them feel better too – which means they perform better and last longer.

We’ve all seen absolutely beautiful yards where tree branches grow over the patio and drop sap everywhere. Or pools where a branch shades half of the pool and makes the water colder than an Alaskan river.

Of course, we all also know the pain when someone doesn’t get their trees trimmed and then a branch causes the electric to go out – you’ve never seen someone madder than when they can’t play their Facebook games.

Pruning and trimming of your trees can be done for any number of reasons. The most obvious is that trees that have even a little trimming and pruning just look better, but there are others as well, including:

  • Changing the Growth Pattern: If you want your trees to grow away or toward something, pruning and trimming can help change up the growth pattern.
  • Changing the Shading: If a certain part of your yard is getting too much or too little shade, trimming can help alleviate the problem (too much) or set you on the path to alleviating it (too little).
  • Safety: Removing limbs from above your home, garage, car, and any power lines instantly makes your property safer.
  • Disease: One rotten apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch, but if you don’t remove it, one rotten branch can destroy the whole tree.

For some great information on when certain trees should be pruned, check out the Arbor Day Foundation’s article on when to prune. Even if it isn’t your time, contact us today to get a free estimate for your job.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Pricing

The pricing for trimming and pruning your trees will depend on a few different elements including:

  • Size of the job
  • Type of tree
  • Equipment needed
  • Location of job
  • Complexity of job
  • Structures around tree (wires, home)

When you reach out to us, we will send someone to give you a free estimate based on what you want done to your trees. We also have busier times of the year, including spring and the end of summer, so make sure to take that into consideration when calling us.

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Tree trimming and pruning is a preventative and aesthetic service that should be done by professionals. At Above Ground Tree Service, we are ISA certified arborists and landscapers who work together with you to give you the best possible look.

The arborist side knows how something needs to be done technically whereas the landscape design side can find the best look for you. For the best of both worlds, contact us today at set up your free consultation in Lynchburg, Timberlake, Bedford, or Forest, VA.