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Tree Spraying in Lynchburg, Virginia is another popular service for the area because of the number of insects and tree diseases that are present. At Above Ground Tree Service, we mostly control these problems using tree spraying, though there are some other solutions as well.

The equipment that you have to use for tree spraying is extremely specialized and must be used with extreme care – what you are spraying has chemicals that can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Insect & Disease Identification

tree spraying lynchburg, va

A qualified, ISA certified arborist like those we employ will be able to look at your trees and start to come up with a plan almost immediately, helping to cut down on treatment time and costs.

We do this by looking at the pests that you see most often – but also by relying on our experience and gut intuition when it comes to your trees.

Insect & Disease Control

Controlling the diseases and insects that impact your trees is important, especially if it is particularly bad. You don’t want these problems to spread.

It is best to go with a local company because we know what pests and diseases take over your trees regularly. Call us today to get started – or even better, send us some photos of your problem areas and we can get back to you.

Reasons for Tree Spraying

Spraying your trees is important to keep a healthy environment in your yard.

We spray trees for two main reasons:

  1. We spray them before the infestation occurs to prevent it from happening. This could be because there is a widespread problem in our service area, or you have one diseased tree and want to prevent the others from having the same problem.
  1. We spray to help rid the tree of the infestation. Tree spraying is a great way to do this because we can reach the very tips of the tree.

If you care about the health of the eco-system in your backyard, call us today to help formulate a plan of attack to rid your yard of pests and diseases and prevent them from coming back.

Tree Spraying Prices

Every infestation is different, and that means we give out individualized prices – we think it is more fair that way.

After we look at your infestation and determine what we need to do, what equipment we’ll need to use, and how many visits we will have to make, then we will come up with a price for you.

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Tree spraying requires a lot of trust on your part – we use chemicals that can be extremely dangerous. Because of this, we jump through hoops to ensure that our tools, employees, and chemicals are performing to the best of their abilities.

Our ISA certified arborists receive training regularly and stay on top of the latest breakthroughs so that you don’t have to worry about safety.

It can be traumatizing enough to have unwanted pests and diseases in your yard, so you need to hire people you trust to help you. If you are in the Lynchburg, Timberlake, Forest, and Bedford, VA areas, give us a call today to do just that.