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Any home owner in Lynchburg, VA knows that tree risk assessment is a critical part to things like selling and insurance. Tree risk assessments are also done regularly for people who have a lot of trees and want to avoid paying steep costs later.

An arborist who is trained and knows what to look for will be able to spot problem areas almost immediately – including things that the untrained eye would never even look at twice.

At Above Ground Tree Service, our arborists have the ISA qualifications and have taken the courses to know exactly what is happening with just a glance.

Reasons for Tree Risk Assessment

tree tisk assessment lynchburg, va

Most of the people who call us for tree risk assessment do so for one (or more) of three reasons:

  • They need to get something fixed or taken care of for insurance purposes.
  • They want to sell their home and have a clear bill of health for their trees.
  • Something has already gone wrong and they want us to tell them otherwise.

A well maintained yard can increase the value of your home and its curb appeal. Whether you are trying to sell your home or you just moved somewhere, curb appeal is essential.

Professional tree services can provide the tree health and tree risk assessment can spot any weaknesses that could create a big problem down the line. This is considered a preventative service.

Once the risk assessment is completed, using an ISA approved form, we can start to take those steps required to make your yard risk free. This can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage or removal.

Tree Risk Assessment Pricing

Tree risk assessments are a cost effective way to save yourself some money if you fall into one of the first two categories.

When we assess your trees, we use various forms of technology to help us find any potential risks, including visual inspections, resistographs, and even soil samples.

One thing to know is that once the risk assessment is finished, there may be extra costs associated with things like fertilizing, tree spraying, or tree removal.

You can’t really put a price on peace of mind, but if you could, this might be a simple way.

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Tree risk assessment in Lynchburg, VA is critical for homeowners and sellers and anyone in between.

At Above Ground Tree Service, we can also help solve any of the problems that pop up when it comes to your assessment, including pruning, chemical application, and trimming. If you’ve just experienced a storm and want the assessment, we can also assist you with storm cleanup.

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