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At Above Ground Tree Service, tree removal is one of the most common requests that we have – and it is clear why. Trees pose as either an asset or a liability to your yard, and if it is found to be a liability, tree removal is required.

Professional arborists work with you to safely and efficiently clear the tree from your yard. Tree removal is complex and any mistakes can cost you quite a bit – so make sure that whomever you choose, they are qualified.

We will work with you to diagnose your tree and if tree removal is needed, we will come up with a plan to take swift action for how to remove it.

Reasons for Tree Removal

tree removal in lynchburg va

Declining trees are kind of like a bad car – you can invest money in them, cover up the smaller problems for a while, and maybe even just ignore the check engine light, but after a while you have to make the tough decision to let it go.  Trees (and cars) that are allowed to go on for too long will really only bleed you dry.

However, you do want to make an informed decision about tree removal.

The University of Maryland has a whole list of things to consider before removing a tree, including:

  • History of the tree
  • Danger to nearby trees, structures, and cables
  • Health of the tree
  • Major storm damage
  • Disease/Interior Decay
  • Crowding

As soon as you notice something going wrong with your car, you likely call a mechanic – so do the same for your trees. The longer you wait to call an arborist who ca help, the more danger your property is in and the more money you may have to spend.

If your tree looks like something out of a haunted house, then it is likely that you should have it removed. Even more, if your tree isn’t growing correctly, it has become a nuisance, it posts a structural risk, or it is just doing something weird, don’t wait for that first branch to fall. Contact us now to get an assessment and to see if you need a removal.

Tree Removal Pricing

If you do want to get started on the tree removal process, your first step would be to call us and set up an appointment for a free quote. From there, we will come to your property to evaluate your tree and give you a few options.

For tree removal in Lynchburg VA, we look at a few different factors, including the size of the tree, condition of the tree, complexity of the job, and the type of tree.

We will also talk to you about additional services for your tree removal, including stump grinding and mulching.

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Trees are valuable, and they deserve to be treated as such, even in tree removal. Poorly maintained or diseased trees present even more of a risk when removed, which is why you should ensure that you have a trained team.

At Above Ground Tree Service, we have ISA certified Arborists and landscape designers. We are constantly learning more and more about our craft to give you the best possible service and treat your yard with respect.

If you need a tree removed from your yard in Lynchburg, Timberlake, Forest or Bedford, give us a call today at (434) 221-9525 to set up your free consultation.