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A tree service in Timberlake, VA, Above Ground Tree Service provides a variety of tree care options for residents with yards of any size.

Our climate doesn’t ever get too cold, so tree care is required year round to get the most out of all trees and shrubs.

Timberlake is an absolutely beautiful town, but there is always room for improvement.

Tree Removal

Tree Service Timberlake, VA

Tree removal is a big part of our services. We have ISA certified arborists who can quickly and safely remove the tree from you yard, taking any and all mess with us.

We have the equipment to take down trees of any size. We piece the trees down so that they are in smaller chunks and remove them that way.

Once out, we can grind down the stump so that it will be like the tree was never there.

Tree Trimming (or Pruning)

Tree trimming is a basic service that we provide. Many homeowners think they can do it themselves, but that isn’t always the case.

Tree trimming’s main priority is to remove trees that are affecting the functioning, fruit bearing, or aesthetic appeal of the tree. We use a variety of tools to remove the limbs, including some that are only available to certified arborists.

We can even trim your trees so that your trees grow a specific way, which can help keep them strong and growing properly.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms hit our area in the summer months generally, but they also come in the winter, with occasional ice storms that can down branches.

Storm damage cleanup includes ridding your yard of larger branches, but also cleaning up fallen trees, uprooted shrubs, and even some landscaping damage.

Once the storm is over and you’re cleaned up, we can then help you rebuild and redesign. Call us today if you are interested in storm damage cleanup or landscaping design.

Tree Spraying

Tree spraying helps keep the ecosystem in your yard stay in line. It keeps the pests and diseases away.

Only a certified arborist that has had a lot of training can truly work with the chemicals that eliminate the pests. We also have the ability to spray trees that don’t have diseases so that you can ward off the pests and diseases.

Tree Health Care

A general check for tree health care is critical.

We look over your tree from roots to tip to investigate anything that looks suspicious or problematic. Finding something early can save you a lot of money down the line. It can also keep you safe, as some problems do advance quickly if they aren’t identified.

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Above Ground Tree Service is a one stop shop for the Timberlake, VA area. We can provide you with total maintenance of your trees and shrubs as well as other landscaping services.

There are a lot of fakes out there that don’t have the proper training, equipment, or certifications to really provide you with high quality results. However, we are more than willing to show you the proof of any of the above.

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