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Shrub pruning in Lynchburg, Virginia requires the touch of someone who knows what they are doing. The best way to know that someone is qualified is to ask for their ISA certification or arborist certification.

Only those who have carefully studied growth patterns and cutting techniques will be able to give you your goal look – whether that is just a uniformed line of shrubs or shrubs that grow into a particular shape.

Shrubs aren’t cheap, so you want to take care of them they best you can.

Reasons for Shrub Pruning

Shrub Pruning in Lynchburg, VA

Professional shrub pruning is something that the shrub will prefer. It is kind of like getting a haircut from your mom or actually going to the barber.

Homeowners who try to trim shrubs often approach the project incorrectly. At best, you will have to duck your head when you see the neighbors staring at them and at worst, you will kill your shrubs.

Pruning from a professional promotes healthy growth, better looking foliage, and gives an overall attracted appearance – even when growing.

According to the University of Minnesota, there are four main reasons why people get their trees pruned:

  • Promoting health
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Help with landscaping
  • Provide security

If you own shrubs or bushes that produce fruit, then pruning is an essential activity that can increase your yield on a year to year basis.

Shrub Pruning Pricing

Each and every shrub pruning appointment is different. The cost will depend on the style you want, how many shrubs you have, how overgrown they are, age of shrub, species of shrub, and even time of the year.

For shrubs that are lower to the ground and only require a ladder (or a long pair of arms), the cost will generally go down. If you have taller shrubs or trees that need pruning, that may cost more.

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Shrub Pruning in Lynchburg, VA

Shrub pruning can go wrong very quickly – all it takes is one bad trim, and you are met with disaster. When hiring a shrub pruning service in Lynchburg, Timberlake, Bedford, or Forest, VA, you need to ensure you hire the best.

At Above Ground Tree Service, we are ISA certified and have years of experience and many happy clients. Our work speaks for itself, but we also have examples to show you.

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