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Lightning Protection in Lynchburg, Virginia is absolutely critical. Every year, more than one million trees are struck by lightning in the United States. Lightning can severely weaken a tree, making it a danger, or kill them instantly.

Above Ground Tree Service offers a lightning protection system and plan that minimizes the risk of damage from a lightning strike. These systems involve a ground rod that is placed to reduce the damage and divert the electrical charge.

When these systems are applied by a professional, certified team, they have excellent track records.

However, if they are applied by people who don’t have the training and certifications, they can do, at best, nothing at all, and at worst, make your yard a powder keg waiting to explode.

Chemicals of any kind can be damaging to your health, the health of your pets, and the health of your other plants, which is why it is so critical that you have someone who understands how, when, and where to apply chemicals.

Reasons for Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection in Lynchburg, VA

In Virginia, we see a fair share of thunderstorms that threaten our trees. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to yourself, your family, and your neighbors to insure that you are protects.

Tall trees are the most susceptible to getting struck, and according to Colorado State, oaks, elms, pines, spruce, poplars, maples and ash are the most common species to get hit.

What many people don’t realize is that when lightning strikes, something equally dangerous called a “side flash” occurs. This is when the lighting comes into contact with something metal (like your downspouts) and damages the structure. Anything ten feet away from a tree are in danger.

Scared yet? Don’t wait until thunderstorm season to invest in lightning protection – call us now.

Lightning Protection Pricing

Lightning protection is a little easier to price remotely than things like tree trimming or removal. However, we give each and every one of our customers a detailed estimate to help them understand there the costs come from.

We will look at your yard and see what we need to do before we offer up an estimate.

At the same time, we can talk to you about the cost of maintenance for your lightning protection – a simple visit once a year.

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Protect Your Home from Lightning in Lynchburg

Trees that have lightning protection that has been installed in line with the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards and that lives up to the expectations of the Tree Care Industry Association rarely are damaged by lightning strikes.

Our service areas of Timberlake, Bedford, Forest, and Lynchburg, Virginia do see quite a few intense lightning strikes per year.

Don’t wait until you see it happen to someone else – call us today to set up your lightning protection.