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Landscape design and installation in Lynchburg, VA is not only another service Above Ground Tree Service provides, but it is something that we get a lot of joy from. Whether we work from what you already have or you want to start from scratch, landscape design and installation is a company-wide famous.

We know that you have a lot of choices and at times it can be overwhelming to know which way to turn. When making your decision, it is essential to determine if your landscaping contractor has the reputation, credentials, and tools to hand your specific job.

We have ISA certified arborists and landscapers here to ensure that the best possible, most innovative, work is done.

Reasons for Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape Design & Installation in Lynchburg, VA

Landscaping design has one main goal for many people: get a better looking, more aesthetically pleasing outdoor area. However, there is another goal that is just as important to us: keeping your yard healthy.

The more aesthetic work is easy to see and get excited about – from a new fire pit to a beautiful trellis that has vines on it. If you can dream it, we can try to make it a reality. This brings the value of your home up and -according to the Huffington Post – makes you feel better.

Everything that we do will be in collaboration with you – from the materials we use to even when we do things. We will prepare a proposal of what we can do, and then you can agree or disagree with any part of it.

Your yard will function better as well, with an ecosystem that will bring in good animals and allow for better overall health of your plants. It can even help reduce sitting water and erosion.

Landscape Design and Installation Pricing

When you contact us, our team will come talk to you and look at your yard to see what is possible. We will talk to you about the project, your preferences, the scope of the work, and your budget before we set anything in stone.

We can give you an estimate, but planning out for landscape design is tough because we don’t know what we will encounter until we actually start digging.

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We want you to be completely satisfied, especially once we work with you. This is why we only give you highly skilled, expertly certified, and extensively trained workers that will be careful and detail oriented.

We have designed, installed, and maintained many landscapes in the Lynchburg, Timberlake, Forest, and Bedford, Virginia area.

If your goal is to get your property looking the best it can be, call us today. We’d be happy to send you over some samples of our work.