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With all of the beautiful woodlands and landscaped farms in Forest, VA, there has to be a tree service business that takes that beauty into every yard.

Since we don’t have as extreme seasons as our friends to the north, our trees can receive service year round to make the most out of them.

Forest, VA is so appropriately named that it would be a shame for us to let it go to waste. The best way to get the most out of your trees is to hire a tree servicing company.

Above Ground Tree Service has been serving the Forest, VA area for years and understand the special attention and hard work that has to be put in for each and every tree.

Tree Removal

Tree Service Forest, VA

One of the main things we do is remove trees that are dead, dangerous, or just no longer wanted. As ISA certified arborists, we can do this efficiently and safely.

We find a plan of attack to get your tree down, and then set to work. We remove even the smallest twig from the area, ensuring that our mess goes with us.

With our equipment, there isn’t any tree that is too large or too small. Our team will find a way to remove even the largest tree from the trickiest area.

Once finished, we can even grind down the stump so that it was like the tree was never even there.

Tree Trimming (or Pruning)

Pruning and trimming has a lot of benefits for your trees. It helps them grow better, produce more fruit, stay stronger, and even grow denser and thicker.

Our main priority is to remove branches that are endangering you, your property, or the tree itself. These branches range from short and easy to remove to larger and requiring special equipment.

So whether you need your trees to grow in a specific direction or you want them to produce more fruit, give us a call to get a quote on tree trimming.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Ice storms, winter storms, bad winds, thunderstorms, and even severe drought can change the surface of your yard and give you more than a little mess.

From fallen trees and uprooted shrubs to split trees and lightening damage, storms are a tree owner’s worst enemy.

Our team is equipped to help clean up your yard and fix a lot of the damage. Our landscaping design team may even be able to help you make it better than before.

Tree Spraying

Virginia in general sees a lot of diseases and pests infiltrating our trees. In an area like Forest, where there are a lot of trees, it is even more common.

Certified arborists have the materials and products that will really work at eliminating pests. We do this in a way that is safe for humans and animals.

Once the pests are eliminated, we also have sprays that can keep them away for good.

Tree Health Care

At Above Ground Tree Care, one of the services we recommend most often is a tree health care plan.

Just like regular check-ups, we look over your tree from top to bottom to find anything that looks problematic or suspicious.

By getting a health care check, you can save yourself a lot of money – because a fallen limb onto your new car will definitely cost you a lot more than a simple checkup.

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If you need a tree service in Forest, VA, Above Ground Tree Service is the place to look. We can do almost everything that you’d need to get your trees, shrubs, and many other parts of your backyard looking great.

From installing outdoor kitchens to removing trees, if you want a high quality result that will allow you to use your outdoor space more often, we will help you.

If you want ISA certified arborists that are constantly researching and learning more about tree care, give us a call today! We are more than willing to talk about whatever needs you have and give you a free quote.