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Above Ground Tree & Landscape wants to let all of the citizens in Lynchburg, VA know that the Emerald Ash Borer has been sited roughly 20 miles outside of Lynchburg by our owner Jonathan Sledge.

This is extremely concerning since the EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) can entirely destroy Ash trees in our area. There are ways to protect against EAB and it is important that you have the proper EAB monitoring in place to ensure your trees are not infected.

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What Is EAB?

emerald ash borerIf you have never heard of EAB before, you may be scratching your head wondering just what it is. EAB stands for Emerald Ash Borer and it is a destructive beetle that feeds on Ash trees. The adult beetles do not do as much harm to the tree as the larvae.

EAB larvae eat the inner bark of Ash trees, which prevents the trees from being able to properly receive nutrients and water that are needed for growth and longevity. An ash tree will likely die when it is infested with EAB, so it is important to know what to look for.

There are many different symptoms that EAB larvae is present in your tree. One of the most common symptoms of EAB is when the bark on your tree splits. This is caused from a lack of nutrients in the tree, and the bark can no longer stay in place due to the larvae eating the inner bark.

D-shaped holes are another sign that EAB is present in your Ash tree. These holes are created once the larvae has reached adulthood and departs from inside of the tree.

Lastly, you may notice S-shaped patterns on the bark of the tree. This happens as the larvae move around and feed on the interior of the tree.

Why EAB Must Be Treated

It is important that EAB is treated promptly and effectively. The reason behind this is because the EAB will continue to spread and infect other areas that contain Ash trees. Eventually, the EAB will kill off all of your Ash trees and then move on to others close by.

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Our founder, Jonathan Sledge has located EAB just 20 miles outside of the Lynchburg area. Now is the time to have your Ash trees monitored to protect them against this invasive beetle.

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