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Chemical Application Pest Control in Lynchburg, VA is an essential tool to help your trees and yard stay free of pests and critters that you don’t want around.

Above Ground Tree Services uses a multifaceted approach to helping treat the insects and diseases. The goal is to maintain the health of your plants, using any number of techniques including chemical application pest control, pruning, trimming, and even soil work.

Chemicals of any kind can be damaging to your health, the health of your pets, and the health of your other plants, which is why it is so critical that you have someone who understands how, when, and where to apply chemicals.

Reasons for Chemical Application Pest Control

chemical application pest control in lynchburg va

White Pine Weevil. Spider Mites. Bark Beetles. Nantucket Pine Tip Moths. These names are enough to make your trees want to curl into a ball.

Infestations and pests can do some serious damage to your trees and plants. From shedding them of bark and leaves to taking away vital nutrients, they can be a death sentence.

The chemicals that you can purchase in stores isn’t strong enough to actually have a real impact. Only certified arborists are able to get the chemicals that are strong enough to have a real impact.

However, there are also some pests that are good for your plants, trees, and shrubs that you don’t want to bother. Our team is trained to know what beneficial insects and “pests” live on your trees.

Protect your trees and the pests that you need by only trusting professionals with chemical application pest control. Call our offices at (434)221-9525 to schedule an appointment.

For a complete list of pests that can impact your trees, this resource from the Virginia Department of Forestry can help you determine what you might be facing.

Chemical Application Pest Control Pricing

Chemical application pest control can really save you a lot of money in trimming, pruning, and removal down the line. Catching an infestation early means that the cost of treatment is negligible.

Each and every chemical application is unique and therefore we don’t offer a pricing plan. Instead, we focus our attention on the scope of the project, the chemicals needed, the number of visits we will have to make, and the species of tree.

To get a free estimate for your pest removal, contact us today. Remember that once you have the estimate, you will have to act quickly as the price will go up if the infestation gets worse.

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Whether you are in Lynchburg, Timberlake, Bedford, or Forest, Virginia, Above Ground Tree Service has the qualifications and real life experience to help you with your pest problems.

Too many companies are quick to douse your trees in chemicals and call it a day. We know better. It requires chemical application, careful pruning, and even limb removal to fully treat the underlying problem.

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